I like technology. I make my money through technology, however I am fairly analogue with quite a few things. I don’t have an e-reader. Have never fancied one, much preferring the real thing. Yes I know that you can take 2000 books on holiday with you, but come on, how many do you actually need to take? I would argue that one is sufficient anyway. Plus I have never had a book reboot on me or smash if I drop it. Likewise with walking maps. Sure I use google maps for car journeys, but I would never set off cross-country up a hill without a paper map. Paper rarely runs out of batteries.

I mention this because we have had a few tech issues recently. Our home PC died last Wednesday. Given that this is what my wife works on she was pretty scuppered. Fortunately I am pretty good at backing up so when it failed to boot we were only looking at losing a few days works of work (unfortunately the stuff that was currently being worked on). Luckily it was the motherboard so I was able to recover all the remaining data from the hard drive, now there was the little matter of getting the PC back up and running. Sadly the motherboards are no longer order-able. The PC is only 2 years 9 months old, so out of warranty, but that didn’t stop me pursuing the retailer under the Sales of Goods Act. To be fair to them, once I proved to them the motherboard was faulty and unrepairable, pointed out to them that I wasn’t going to go away and reminded them how much I spend with them each year they came good. In fact really good! I was expecting a partial refund, but they actually offered a full refund, which should wing it’s way over to me as soon as I return it. In the meantime my wife had to work on our tablet whilst a new laptop was ordered and delivered. A few weeks ago this wouldn’t have been possible since we didn’t own a tablet. We have resisted buying one for years given that most children that we know even have one, but recently had to bite the bullet.

We had to head up north at very short notice due to a family illness and whilst up there my wife needed something to work on in between sorting out family so we picked up a Samsung Tab A 10.1. I am so glad we did. As well as being useful to my wife for email, web and document editing when she is out and about, it will also be useful to me for the piano.

I have said in the past that I am rubbish at memorizing music, so end up relying on sheets most of the time. That’s mostly fine for at home but no use if I am out and about. I said ‘mostly’ because on longer pieces I end up with quite a few page turns which are always a fumble, or 5 sheets sellotaped together across the piano.  This is where I think the tablet will come into it’s own. I should be able to digitize my current sheets into PDFs and turn a page with a simple swipe. The other advantage is that they will be much more portable.

I am currently scanning my sheets into Adobe reader, although I have quite a few to get through if I am going to digitize everything. I could go down the route of an app like MobileSheets which not only displays them, but also catalogues them. I have a Youtube friend who uses this along with a bluetooth pedal so that she can turn the pages with her foot instead of having to swipe the tablet, thus keeping both hands free for playing, which I think is a cool idea. although since I am a bit cheap, I will see how I get on with Adobe reader and a simple hand swipe for now….

How about you; are you purely digital, or still holding onto analogue?