There can’t be many people that haven’t seen at least one episode of Friends. The song above was written partly by the producers of the TV series, although is played by and credited to The Rembrandts. It sounds like just the quick jolly intro for a comedy series that it is, but if you listen to the lyrics the sentiments of the song are actually pretty spot on.

I link to this song because I was thinking about a friend over the Christmas and New Year period. We have the kind of relationship where we don’t really see each other frequently, but I have have always been there for her when she is struggling. She has had quite a bit of health issues so I am always there for her if she needs me. She has also had a number of relationship and career problems that again have needed someone to listen too, and have a shoulder to cry on. I kind of see that as the most important part of a friendship. Of course it’s nice to go out with friends and do cool things, but really it’s about support through the hard times where friendships really count. I tried to reach out to her in the lead up to and over Christmas period, but didn’t really get very far. She has got a new partner, which is great so I can well understand why there’s less time for friends. But there’s always time to send a quick message even if not to make/return a call. The fact that she hasn’t bothered to get in touch has made me come to feel a little sad.

I have known her most of my life, although we haven’t lived near each other for years. Since we were teenagers in fact. We normally see each other once a year, and we did pop over to her town in the spring because she was having a rough time, but since then and despite me sending her a few ‘don’t be a stranger’ type messages she hasn’t been in touch. I don’t think this is a case of her trying to get rid of me, just that she knows that we have the kind of relationship that can be picked up again at any time. But I’m not sure what I can do to get her to initiate a message or a call. It would be nice for her to check that I am OK once in a while.

Any ideas would be gratefully received….


P.S There are some great sitcom theme tunes out there. I must do a post about them some time.