Well it is Christmas Eve Eve. I have finished work for the year. I was working last Christmas (on-call), so I get this year off completely. We were given this afternoon off from work as well which is nice. I was already planning on working from home today anyway to avoid the maniacs on the road hell-bent on driving at crazy speeds through the terrible weather and bad traffic to shave a minute or so off their journey. I do hope they actually make it to wherever they are going.

Tonight I will make the mince pies. My wife has already spent part of the day baking something up that I am not allowed to see. Classic FM has been pumping out the carols all day. We will pick up the meat and veg from the farmer’s market shortly and that’s us set. I will no doubt play a little more from the Nigel Hess Silent Nights book.

Once in Royal David's City - Nigel Hess;s arrangement from 'Silent Nights'

Once in Royal David’s City – Nigel Hess;s arrangement from ‘Silent Nights’

Christmas is a nice quiet one this year. Next week we are off to meet up with friends and we also have my parents come down for 3 days. It will be nice to see them, and I am hoping for decent weather as we won’t want to sit in the house all day. Especially since the countryside round here is so pretty.

Our chances of getting a white Christmas appear to be nil. which is a shame, but hey you can’t have everything. We got to see snow back in November on our Scotland trip. See the below photo from Ben Lawers:

The top of Ben Lawers

The top of Ben Lawers

Tonight we will start our annual board game Christmas championship with a game of Ticket to Ride.

Tomorrow we pick up the fresh fish, we will do a nice walk and have lunch out. We started the tradition a few years ago of getting lunch out on Christmas Eve, and this year we are planning on heading over to the Chapel in Abergavenny which we have had a brew in and admired the menu, but never tasted.

Last year I made a few new years resolutions. I didn’t stick to the scales practicing, nor have I memorized 10 pieces, but we did manage to swim 100km. (102.5km to be precise. Which i am very pleased about. I even have a graph (with a baseline) to prove it many thanks to a friend who is a whizz with excel.


what are your Christmas/New year plans?