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So, that’s Christmas* sorted then…..

On Sunday we had a friend over to ours for lunch and a walk. She is called J. and is the author behind the cotswoldsgirl blog. I have been following her blog for some time, but it is only recently that we have started to meet up. This was our second time, the first being back at the end of August, which I did start writing about but never finished the post. That time we met for a walk in the Malvern Hills which is within an hours drive of both of us. This time she came to our house so that a) we could feed her, b) we could show her the sights of our county and c) so that she could play on my piano – Humphry.

She is also a pianist, having had lessons as a child and has recently bought her own piano to go in her new house. It was actually through piano that we met. I was searching in wordpress against the piano tag, and a steamy post of hers which featured a piano popped up. We have stayed in touch through the blogs and given that we are similarly minded, both cool and fortunately fairly local we have started to meet up.  She very nicely brought some flowers, which was appreciated by my wife wellywoman, as she never receives flowers anymore, since she started growing them herself.

Along with the flowers she also brought some sheet music. Hence my initial statement. One of the books she brought was called The Most Requested Songs of the 80s the-most-requested-songs-of-the-80sThis is a fantastic book, which I have now requested as a Christmas present. I am not short of sheet music. It would take me at least a decade to learn all the music that I currently own, but that doesn’t stop me coveting new music. Especially books that contain all the classics seen below:

backofthe-most-requested-songs-of-the-80sWhen J. was over she treated us to a rendition of Africa by Toto. This worked really well for solo piano. I am under strict instructions from my wife to learn this one first, but to be honest there are loads of them that I want to play. We tried to play a few as duets, but I was a bit rubbish at sight-reading. So in the end we went with playing With or Without You by U2. I was playing the left-hand, as that was relatively straightforwards. In fact I felt a bit like Mr Bean playing Chariots of Fire in the London 2012 Olympic ceremony;

as the left hand was a bit repetitive. But the overall piece was a pretty good version of the original, and it is always lovely to play duets.

What do you think of the book? Is there anything you would like me to learn?

Another treat of the day was the walk. We took a wander along the towpath of the Brecon Canal. It’s quite a picturesque place to walk, and this time had the added bonus of a male kingfisher. He was quite shy, so every time we got close he flew off a bit further down the river. Even with a 300mm lens he was tiny in the resulting photos: close enough for me to identify him as male**, but not close enough to get a decent shot. We have seen them on this canal before, but not that frequently. So it was lovely to see that they are still around.

How was your weekend?


*sorry for using the C-word so early on.

**the way to tell male and female kingfishers apart is that the males have all black beaks, whereas the females have orange bottom beak and black on top.