I have been super busy so feel I have neglected the blog. I have missed it. I have however still managed to find time for piano lessons. And have even started on a new piece:

I am playing it from my book The Piano Treasure of Classical Music. In this book the piece is called Confidence. However I have no idea where that name comes from. It isn’t a name that Mendelssohn used. It is actually from one of his Songs Without Words volumes.

I have to admit that I am not really familiar with Songs Without Words, although had vaguely heard of them. There is a a couple of bars in it that remind me of the old Hymn ‘My God Loves me’ which I remember singing at school.

I have been told to learn the second page first. Which is probably a good idea as normally I get pretty good at the start of a piece and then abandon it before I fully master it. Since I really like it I hope to not only learn to play it but also to memorize it.

How about you? Are you a Mendelssohn fan? Are you familiar with Songs Without Words?

On a different point I also got Humphry tuned. Unfortunately I will need to get the tuner back because there is one note: an G-sharp, which is actually sounding flat. I noticed it almost immediately, but wasn’t sure if it was just me. But now I have downloaded the free app Pano Tuner, and have been able to prove that the note is indeed flat. I just need to get in touch and tactfully ask him to return and try not to sound like I am insulting his work.