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I’m getting sick of this crappy weather. I know I am a happy-go-lucky ray of sunshine, but even I like to see the sky every so often. I haven’t been able to blog recently so I thought I would do a quick run-down on what I have been up to.

The jazz book arrived, and as I said I would I have tackled The Pink Panther first. I’ve not yet memorized it yet, but it certainly sounds recognizable. I have also started a tentative look at the Nigel Hess, ‘Silent Nights’ Christmas piano solo book which I bought in June. I have a rule that I wait till December before I start playing the Christmas tunes, but we are having an early Christmas this year (watch this space), so I don’t feel too cheeky cracking them out in November.

We spent last weekend reconfiguring the beds in the back garden. By Sunday night I was in physical agony. The last time I have ached that much was about 10 years ago. I spent a few days  digging up a roman temple complex for the Channel 4 TV programme Time Team. After the first day I wasn’t sure I would be able to even get out of the bath, let alone go back and spend another day on my knees trowel in hand. We found so many roman coins it got a bit embarrassing having to keep asking for new bags. Part of the garden reconfiguration required us moving our pond. Its original location wasn’t quite right so it needed to come out. We weren’t completely sure whether or not we were going to keep it. It would have been a shame to lose it, but it does take up space that could otherwise be used for more planting. I emptied most of the water into trugs and took it out of its current spot. At this point a frog popped its head up from the bottom of the pond. That settled that decision then; it was staying. There’s no way we could make ‘Fergus’ homeless. It’s a good job that we got it all done last weekend, as it hasn’t stopped raining since.

In other news I have finally imported all our photos into Adobe Lightroom: all 25,000 of them. Now I just have to finish sorting through the last 5 year’s worth, deleting those that aren’t worth keeping.

We have booked tickets to see Ludovico Einaudi next year. This will be the 4th time we have been to see him play. I will no doubt pick up the book of his new album: Elements. Hopefully I’ll be able to get it signed, like the rest of my books.

In slightly less good news our freeview box has died, so today I bought a new one. This one has all the bells and whistles, such as catch-up TV, which is a nice novelty. The only problem is that our 15 year old TV is not widescreen. Our old freeview box would change the aspect ratio to suit, but this new one clearly doesn’t anticipate that someone would still have such an ‘ancient’ TV so now everything is stretched vertically. Everyone looks weirdly tall. There’s no chance that I am going to throw away a working TV away, so I guess we will have to put up with this till the old TV dies of old age.

How about you? Has the weather been kinder where you are?