Tonight I’ll be performing in front of others again. It’s time for the annual BBQ at my piano teacher’s house. Those that read this blog regularly will know she gets all her adult pupils round to drink, eat and perform. Given that I haven’t had time to prepare anything this time I am instead going to play loads of pieces from Enya’s Watermark Album. I will start with the title track. As a teaser for you guys I have recorded a video of me playing it.

Strangely the piano sounds slightly out on the recording, but it doesn’t up close, so it might just be the fact that I’m recording with the on-camera microphone. I think I’ll get it tuned anyway.

I wrote about this piece 3 years ago here, and I still love it. I will also play Exile, which I recorded for Youtube a few years ago (look through my older vids), as well as Miss Clare Remembers, and On Your Shore. Whilst none of the music is technically difficult to play (although the more observant of you will have spotted mistakes in my video – performance anxiety), they are all really beautiful tunes for solo piano. So hopefully people will like them.  I will probably do a few Einuadi pieces which are already under the fingers.


I hope you enjoy the video. Please feel free to comment or even critique it…