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I’ve been trying to work on my photography. Last year I bought a new camera, upgrading our old Sony bridge camera for a new Canon DSLR. It’s nice to have some decent kit but ask any photographer what the best camera is and many of them will say “the one you have on you at the time”. Since almost everyone nowadays has access to a decent camera most of us think we can take a decent photo. But there’s a world of difference between a technically good photo, and an actual good photo. Taking a good photo is about developing an eye for composition. This is a skill I am trying improve on.

I have decided to start a couple of photography projects. Which I will talk about when they are more developed. I would also like to take some nice landscape photos. My father very nicely sent me a set of graduated filters recently, which means that I can hopefully get some nice shots. I will post up any that I think are worthy of being published.

What links most of the best landscape photos out there is the quality of the light. Dawn and dusk provide the best light, providing a golden hue and a softening of the colours. Below is one of the photos that I took (on our old camera) back in 2012 when we went to East Sussex on holiday. It was taken one evening at Derek Jarman’s old garden on the shingle beach at Dungeness. Whilst it isn’t the greatest photo is the world (the sky is too bright), I really love the light on the flowers in the foreground.

Derek Jarmans garden

Derek Jarmans garden


My problem is that I don’t like early starts. So I’m normally in bed when the sun rises. If I do want to get some nice dawn shots I’m going to have to learn to get up a bit earlier.

Whilst we are talking about light, I though I would finish on a piece of music I found a couple of days ago. I had never heard of Max Richter. But after hearing this I am now a convert. Do take 6 minutes to listen to the below piece. It is simply sublime.

What do you think of it?