At the moment I am reading the Iris Murdoch book; The Sea, The Sea. First published in 1978 it won the Booker Prize. I think I have said previously that I am working my way through many of the books that are either award winning or are lauded. I was lucky enough to be given this book as a Christmas present from my wife. I’m only a short way through, so no spoilers please, but so far so good….

The sea featured quite a bit in my life recently. After spending the Christmas at home we spent the New Year period down in a rented cottage in East Devon/West Dorset. We have recently come to really like the west Dorset coast. The added benefit that my sister lives nearby, so we were able to spend New Years eve with her. The day before though we managed to meet up with our friends Arabella Sock and her husband The Bedsock. We had some great food at The Hive at the beach at Burton Bradstock with me going for the traditional fish and chips (although the fish was described ‘tempura’ rather than ‘battered’). We have only eaten there a couple of times, but have yet to be disappointed. Although If you do go there you have to get  seated by 12:00. Arrive at 12:30 and you are in for a long queue. After food we did a bit of a clean up on the beach. To be honest we were struggling to find much to tidy, which is always a nice experience. In contrast we went to the beach at Seatown 3 days later after the stormy seas of New Years day and could have spent all day picking up plastic. This is definitely a part of the country that we will be returning to.

I don’t want to sound like a stuck record but I’m not getting much pianolearning done.

I have been working on Edward MacDowell’s To a Wild Rose and Satie’s Gymnopedie No.1 both of which I plan on recording and writing about. For now I’ll leave you with a video of MacDowell’s Sea Pieces Op. 55.