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I’m not a food blogger, although I follow a lot of food blogs. I do really like food though. We make all our meals from fresh. I’ve yet to taste a ‘ready meal’ that is any good. We eat pretty healthily too, so if I can find a lower fat/sugar alternative then I tend to go down that route. Don’t get me wrong I’m no saint, put Tunnocks caramels near me and I’ll happily polish the whole packet off, but those aside I don’t have a very sweet tooth any more. When my wife and I were first courting I always used to order a starter and a main and she would order a main and a dessert.

Nowadays she eats even less sugary things than me. But everyone likes a nice biscuit, so I wanted to come up with a recipe that is both healthy’ish*, not too sweet but also very tasty.

I thought I’d share with you guys what I came up with, as they are super easy to make:

Maple Syrup Spelt Oatcakes:

Makes 8 biscuits-

75 grams of oats – we use Flahavans Irish oats because they are organic, they don’t have any of that annoying dust amongst them and they are the tastiest we have found so far (If you know of any other organic oats that you prefer, feel free to leave a comment.

75 grams of spelt flour – we use Sharphampark spelt flour as again it is organic and tasty. You could of course use any type of flour here

75 grams of butter

2 tablespoons of Maple Syrup


Melt the butter and maple syrup together in a warm pan.

Mix the flour and oats together in a bowl.

mix the butter/maple syrup with the flour/oats.

Dollop them onto a baking tray into 8 even roundish blobs. Flatten them down a bit, and put in a 200Ā°C oven for 15 minutes.


Maple syrup spelt oatcakes

Maple syrup spelt oatcakes

Obviously you can double/triple the recipe quantities for more of them. Sorry for any of my American readers I do not think in ‘cups’ of ‘sticks of butter’ when thinking about recipes, since you guys understand the difference I’m sure you can adapt it to yours. I mean how hard can it be if the oats/flour and butter are all the same weight right?

Note you might prefer your biscuits sweeter than us. In which case add 20 or so grams of sugar with the melting butter & maple syrup.Ā  With the extra sugar they are even more morish, but then don’t come running to me if you develop type 2 diabetes in later life and go blind.


*As well as maple syrup being tasty, it also has a lower glycemic index than normal sugar