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Last Friday night was music night again.Ā  Regular followers of the blog will know that my music teacher has a get-together twice a year for her adult students. This was a belated winter one. Most people were able to attend, although inevitably with these things it is impossible to find a night when everyone was free. I played Traumerei, and was really happy with my performance (played without sheet music), as well as an inevitable Einaudi piece.

As per usual the standard from everyone was really high. There was a new student there who was probably in his 50’s but had only had 6 lessons so far. He was fearless in having a go and managed to play a piece requiring 2 hands. You need some guts to be able to do that in front of so many other people, albeit a supportive bunch.

As the night wore on the singing started. My teacher’s daughter has a great voice so sang a number of jazz tunes. The highlight from her was a rendition of Je ne Regrette Rien, which started off vaguely following the words, descended into blah, blah blahs as her french failed her, after which she proceeded to sing out the label on the back of the nearest wine bottle, finishing the song with flourish of “goes well with wine and cheese”. Then took a huge swig of the bottle, it really was one of those “You had to be there” moments.

Since the singing had started, I got up to the piano again to play Danny Boy. I had printed off the words already, so I handed them out and made a pretty good rendition of the song; any mistakes being covered up by the singing. I had also printed off the words of On Ilkley Moor baht’at which is a great singalong tune. Everyone really seemed to enjoy giving it a go, with the piano teacher’s husband added the optional “Where the sheep play football” lines at the end of each verse.

Me playing the piano

Me playing the piano

I absolutely love these nights, I guess I’m one of those closet show offs….