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Some of you might know that as well as loving music and food, I also love gardens. I always have done. As a child my parents used to take us round the stately homes of Britain. I can’t remember if I used to enjoy this or not at the time, but I am sure that it is from these visits that I started liking gardens. Fortunately for me my wife likes plants and gardens too. In fact she likes them more so. Years ago she retrained and studied gardening. Now she writes about gardens and garden related things for magazines and papers, as well as on her blog wellywoman.

In 2012 she was commissioned to write her first book for Francis Lincoln. She managed to secure the best garden photographer in the country (as voted for by the Garden Media Guild in 2013) Jason Ingram to work with her. Last week the book was released. It is called The Cut Flower Patch.

The Cut Flower Patch

The Cut Flower Patch

It is an absolutely stunning book, demystifying the process of growing your own cut flowers. It covers the environmental and cost reasons why growing your own makes sense, and shows you how easy it is to do with only a small patch of land. Even if you do not think that you will grow cut flowers at the moment, it is a beautiful book to read, with inspirational photos that show that you do not need a lot of money to have great looking displays. I was around for a few of the photo shoots, and I even managed to get my piano included into one of the shots. If you look at Jason’s site above he has load of the book photos shown.

Now you might think that I am biased, because I am married to her. However the response has been overwhelmingly lovely. UK papers-wise. It was in The Guardian last saturday. The Independent on Sunday did an interview and a feature. The Sunday Times wrote a nice bit about it, and the Irish Times wrote a whole feature on it, and today there was a whole feature on it in the Sunday Telegraph. Also The London Evening Standard’s Homes and Property has run a feature on it.

In the magazines, it has already been in The English Garden and The Lady, and will be in a few more magazines in the coming weeks but I don’t want to jump the gun till they are out.

And If you still don’t believe me that it is good, check out the following blog reviews, many of which include some of the internal photos.


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See, they can’t all be wrong. If you haven’t already bought it, for your own sake you really should. If you have already bought it then I’m sure many members of your family have equally as good taste as you, so don’t forget to buy extra copies for them too. I know of quite a few people who have got it as a Mother’s day present for their own mums.

If you want to support your local bookshop, then they should be able to order more if they have already run out of their copies. Or if you like a discount, check out my wife’s recent post, which includes a link with a discount code. This works for deliveries to Europe too (with a tiny delivery charge). It is also being sold in the USA, I’m not quite sure of all the details, but certainly Amazon.com sell it there.