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Not much piano last week. It was my final week of revision for this years module of my degree, ahead of my exam tomorrow; wish me good luck! As I have had my head in the books my wife has been turning the house Christmassy. As  a writer she is often working a few months (Sometimes even a year) ahead. On Thursday she had a magazine photo-shoot at our house for a natural Christmas. I had to work from home that day anyway, which worked out well as it meant I got to nosey in on what they were up to. The weather was absolutely shocking which meant that the light levels weren’t ideal (dark heavy rain clouds). However the photographer really knows what he’s doing so took it all in his stride. You would have no idea to see the gorgeous results. They even included something that I had made for us last year, which wasn’t originally planned for the shoot, but was spotted by the editor.

I absolutely love Christmas, always have; so it was nice to have an early one. The night before I made some chocolate spelt biscuits to keep everyone well fed, so to give it a twist I used our Christmas tree and star-shaped cutters. They seemed to go down well with the photographer and the editor. If I’d have had my way, I’d have met them at the door with my Santa hat on, and Christmas tunes on the stereo. But apparently that would have been going too far.

At one point I did sneak a quick play of ‘Winters Tale’ and ‘Fairytale of New York’, however we have a rule in our house that the Christmas tunes don’t get played until the 1st December when the tree is put up. So ‘The Bumper book of Christmas songs’ has been put away again for 2 months.

If you want to see the stunning images and are in the UK, look out for the November and December editions of The Simple Things magazine. I’ll try to get permission to post a picture up from the shoot; I guess after they are published.