Last year I wrote that I was learning ‘Danny Boy‘. This week I thought it would be nice to upload a video of me playing it.

This lovely version was inherited from my Grandad, who was half Irish. The arrangement was in a 1931 News Chronicle Songbook subtitled Community Songs, Negro Spirituals, Plantation Songs, Children’s Songs, Sea Shanties, Hymns & Carols. The link to the sheet music is at the bottom of the post. It has some classic tunes in it such as Cockles and Muscles, Land of my Fathers, On Ilkley Moor bah t’at, Swing Low, and Abide with Me. It even has God Save the King.

I’m sure my wife (wellywoman) is glad that I have finally uploaded the video as I have been playing Londonderry Air quite a bit this last week. Along with piano I have also spent a lot of time revising for my OU degree as I have an exam for this year’s module coming up in October. Whilst I’m enjoying the course, it is not the fastest way of getting a degree, (typically six years) so I’ll be glad when it is finished. It is so time consuming, and has eaten into valuable family time, not to mention piano time.

I try not to let the degree take over at the weekends, so this weekend we managed to get out to the Abergavenny food festival. Where we tried all manner of food combinations by grazing from each of the stands. Rhubarb vodka with crayfish, butternut squash pie with chocolate anyone?

A stall at the Abergavenny Food Festival

A stall at the Abergavenny Food Festival

The sheet music for Danny Boy/Londonderry Air can be found here