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Before you read this post you should listen to the below video:

(I say ‘listen’ because, like me, you might get seasick actually watching it)

Hopefully you liked the arrangement of the tune. It was actually a piano cover of a Metallica track called Nothing Else Matters.

As a teenager I went through a long-haired phase and started listening to Metallica. Not as long as the guy on the video, but long enough to get the end of my hair into my mouth. I never really got deeply into heavy metal. My sister was much more in the scene. One band she used to listen to was called sepultura, who used to make a right racket. The lead ‘singer’ just made growling noises into the microphone so there was no way of hearing what he was saying. I’m sure you can look up some of their tracks, but I really wouldn’t bother…..

At the same time that I was listening to Metallica, Iron Maiden were the other big mainstream heavy metal band. I’m not sure what the rest of them are doing nowadays, but Bruce Dickinson their lead singer now flies passenger aircraft. Hopefully his drug fueled hedonistic days are long since behind him, as it would be more than a little disconcerting to find him at the front of your plane as you jet off to your holidays. In another life I would actually be an airline pilot, having done some flying in my younger days. However in that life I would also no doubt be either single or divorced, as the profession is not always conducive to a stable family life.

Another facet of the Heavy Metal genre was the crap t-shirts. Generally black and usually involving skeletons or skulls. I remember my getting my mum to buy me a Mater of Puppets t-shirt from the Arndale Centre in Manchester, featuring a graveyard scene of white crosses. I was in Camden yesterday and saw shop after shop of crap t-shirt stalls. I wouldn’t have thought there’s a market for them, but what do I know the place was heaving. Apparently there’s also no such thing as too many bad baseball hats either…

If hearing this track has spurred you on to dip into the genre, i’m not sure how much scope there is in piano covers of Heavy Metal tracks, but this guy Scott D. Davies seems to have the market pretty much sewn up. Although I’ve turned my back on Metallica, I’ve still got a bit of a soft spot for this track as well as their other ‘ballad’ The Unforgiven. I wonder if you can get the sheet music?