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So after starting the blog up, posting twice then not bothering for 10 months, I have decided to give it another go.

I found that I didn’t have the time to write long posts and I also worried that I would struggle to find anything to say. However I will use the blog a bit more like a diary.

Here goes:

I’m currently learning Raiders of the lost Ark. The version I have is from Great piano solos – The Black book. Given that I play a lot of Einaudi it makes sense to learn something in a different style. After having a lesson on thursday I feel a bit more confident with it. At the moment I am trying to make sure I get the right timing for bar 17. I had been playing the right hand starting off completely wrong, but I now think that I have it stuck correctly in my head.

Just need to get the left hand joined up.

Did about 30 minutes worth today split over a 10 and a 20 minute session.

I did sneak a play of I Giorni in, as I am still trying to play it without music, and get the emotion right. It’s one of those pieces that I could play every day