I’m currently working my way through “Great piano solos -The Black book“. It really does have some great tunes in it. The first one I learnt was “Unchained Melody” – the version in the book being quite easy.

The book has a good mix of film scores, jazz, classical, standards, and pop songs.  One of my favourites in it is Barbers – Adagio for Strings. It works so well on the piano. I recently played it for a barbeque at my piano teachers house. She organizes one every summer for all her adult pupils and expects them to play something.

I was initially mortified when she first told me she was doing this as I had only been learning for 6 months, but everyone was so supportive that even though the nerves kicked in I survived. Nowadays I really enjoy them, (still get nervous), but it is great to be so close to so much live music. And the chance to show off is also quite nice.

At the moment I am working on “Clair de lune”, also from the book, and am tickling my way around the “Feather theme” from Forest Gump, both of which will take some time.

Anyway I would heartily recommend the book. – available at all good retailers etc……