One of my favourite films of all time is the french film Amelie (Le Fabuleux destin D’Amelie Poulain). It has got the quirkiness of a french film, great visuals and a lovely feel good story. Some households watch Mary Poppins every Christmas, but for me it is Amelie.

To top it all off it has a great soundtrack, which was written by the french composer Yann Tiersen. Even without the words, the music leaves you in no doubt that this is a French film, but the influences come from all over. The one and only piece from the soundtrack that I can play is “Comptine d’un autre été l’après midi”, whose sheetmusic I downloaded off the internet about a year ago.

At the time the music was tricky to learn, with the right-hand running at twice the speed of the left hand throughout the whole of the second half. Not long after downloading the music I was sent into London, so to use the train time more usefully I set about learning the piece just using my fingers and an imaginary piano. It took some time to get the two hands going at different speeds, but really worked to learn the muscle memory required. I’m sure the hour spent doing this saved an hour at the piano.

So if you were the commuter in his late fifties stuck on a crowded train next to a strange man playing an air-piano, and making frustrated grunting noises as he kept starting his imaginary tune over and over again, whilst reading music off his lap; Then don’t worry it was just me, pianolearner.