I have started to learn Debussy’s “Clair de Lune”. I first picked a copy up in an Oxfam bookshop 1 year into learning, however was too daunted by it so left it in the piano stool. One month ago though I decided to fish it out again.

I managed to find a great tutorial on YouTube by an American pianist called Hugh Sung, entitled Clair de Lune from scratch.  It’s a really comprehensive series of tutorials, breaking each bar down, including all the fingering.

At the moment I am on the first 2 pages of the music, still practicing up until the end of the first movement (end of bar 26). After this it goes very fast and I think it will be sometime before I can tackle that.

It was interesting though to look at the comments on YouTube about the piece. There was a large amount vitriol written by people that its use in the “Twighlight” series had somehow denigrated it. However although I’ve never seen Twighlight (I’m very much not the target audience), I can only think that it’s a good thing that younger people are hearing it for the first time.

Does it matter how you hear good music, either in film or on dodgy car adverts?  It is still great music that touches emotion. Hopefully I’ll master it soon so that I can create further emotion than “why when I have played the same bar 50 times can I still not get it right????”