In 2004 I happened to be out for a drive and flicked the radio onto ClassicFM. They were playing a concert of Ludovico Einaudi tunes to mark the release of his UK Best of CD called Echoes.

I had never heard of him and was captivated by the tunes that combine complex melody with minimalism.

If you don’t think that you have heard his tunes, you probably have if you live in the UK as they are used often in both TV and film. He is a contemporary Italian composer and his website gives dates of his concerts around the world.

My greatest ambition when starting “pianolearning” was to be able to play one of his pieces. 1 year into my lessons I was given the sheet music for The Einaudi collection as a present and began to learn – I Giorni, which translates from Italian into – The Days.  Six months later of daily practice I was able to produce a fairly competent rendition.

Two years later I am on the way to perfecting this piece to be able to really express the true emotion of it.

I have been lucky to see him twice in concert and to my delight last year he played this as his encore, and the soppy one that I am I was moved to tears. Even when I play it myself badly I feel a little welling-up. Some might tell me to “man-up” but I don’t care, some things just touch your heart.

At the last concert I was even able to get the book signed by him.

I also think that it must be a favourite of his, not just because he used it for the encore, but that he has it as the opening track for his new Album “Islands”.