At the age of 30 I started to think that I would like to realize a long held ambition to learn the piano.

We once had a piano at home but only because it was left behind in a new house we had moved into. Unfortunately my parents immediately saw small holes in it, declared it infested with woodworm and promptly chopped it up for firewood. My protestations fell on deaf ears.

As a teenager I was very close to a family where all the children played, I would have loved to have joined in but was limited to sitting beside them on the stool looking in wonder.

So my thirtieth came and I decided to start to learn. I was lucky enough to borrow a full-size keyboard from a work colleague. Fortunately he never used it so said that I could have it for as long as I wanted.

I found piano teacher’s card in the local music shop (more of her later) and started on the never-ending road of pianolearning.

She suggested I buy Pam Wedgwood’s – “It’s never too late to learn to play piano”, which is a fantastic book for complete beginners.


And I was off the mark.